Are you Loral’s next millionaire? Join Loral Langemeier in Calgary or Edmonton!

Are you Loral’s next millionaire? Join Loral Langemeier in Calgary or Edmonton!


CALGARY, Canada – Loral Langemeier, today’s pioneering money expert as well as founder and CEO of Live Out Loud, Inc. is on an international tour with goals of sharing how to create a sustainable business in any economy and creating new millionaires along the way. These two stops of Loral’s tour will be in Edmonton on Tuesday, April 15 at 6:30 pm local time, and in Calgary on Wednesday, April 16 at 9:00 a.m. Both events are free of charge.

“If you want to know how to add thousands of dollars to your bottom line on a consistent basis, come to this event,” Langemeier says. “Given the rate of unemployment, the overall economic downturn, and the unbelievable real estate market, never has the need to create an entrepreneurial economy in San Francisco been more apparent. We have the answers you need and will help you make massive gains.”

Loral’s proven curriculum will reveal how entrepreneurs can stay one step ahead of the competition and what strategies they need to make money. She will reveal how people already have the tools needed to achieve sustained success.

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About Loral Langemeier
Loral Langemeier is living proof that it makes no difference where you start in life; anyone can have the life of his or her dreams. Growing up on her family’s farm in Nebraska, Loral learned the value of hard work, persistence and how to get things done even in the face of much opposition and criticism. Loral began her career working for the Chevron Corporation right out of college. It was clear to her early on that there was more to life than cubicles and trading her time for dollars. Despite her own fears and persuasion from friends and family against it, Loral quit her job at Chevron to become an Executive Coach. Not only is Loral a business developer, she is also a key thought leader in the entrepreneurial space. As a single mother of two children, she is redefining the possibility for women to “have it all” and raise their children in an entrepreneurial and financially literate environment. For more information, visit

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