#AskLoral: What first step can I take?

#AskLoral: What first step can I take?

Question from Dennis:

Well, I have a basket of widgets. I am totally clueless with regards to marketing and sales, desperately need to get out of the “job mentality”, and haven’t got a clue how to kick off. I feel like I am at the starting line, with no idea how to get into the starting blocks, let alone fire out of them. What do you suggest as the first thing that will kick off the journey to Millionaire-dom from this starting line? What 1 single practical action can I take as the first step of the journey?

Answer from Loral:

The first step is always the most difficult, Dennis. But in this case, it’s also the most clear: To change our results, you have to change your thoughts. I learned a long time ago that our thoughts lead to emotions, emotions lead to actions, and actions lead to results.

So changing your mindset has to be your first step! You must develop a “YES!” energy about you that doesn’t care what the circumstances are. It doesn’t pay attention to poor economies or doubters. It doesn’t dwell in the “job mentality” you mentioned. This “YES!” energy is an fire within you to never say no. Instead, say yes now, then figure out how.

This fire is in us already – you were born with it. It’s just been beat up & buried because of the mass negative energy that’s been thrown at it during your life. But once you rediscover this energy, you can live a life of unlimited abundance, extreme optimism and energy.

I sure do.

This energy gives you the realization that a lot of people are missing: It doesn’t take working harder to get more.

Don’t get me wrong; I work hard. But my hard is different than your back-breaking hard.

But I’ve learned that YOU CAN DO LESS AND MAKE MORE.

Let me explain:
1) You can do less work
2) Do less of what you’re not good at doing
3) Do less wasting time
4) Do less worrying, and
5) Do less “bad” in your life.

By doing this, you can:
1) Make more money
2) Make more time
3) Make more happiness, and
4) Make more good and love in your world.

Dennis, the question isn’t whether there’s something out there waiting for you to discover it or waiting for you to build a business out of – the question is when are you going to bring out that attitude, that fire, that YES! energy inside you and rediscover the power to live and lead in extreme optimism and energy?

Funny you ask this question because I talk about it in depth in my book “Yes! Energy: The Equation to do Less, Make More.” Check it out & I’m sure you’ll pull more great messages out of it.

Good luck!

To Your Success, Loral Langemeier

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