#AskLoral Webinar, June 24

#AskLoral Webinar, June 24

I hope you had a chance to catch my last #AskLoral webinar, but if not, I’m cutting you a break…check out the video below!

I had a blast & got to answer some great questions.

Some of the things I got to talk about were:

  • What daily rituals of mine I can attribute to my success.
  • How to get into a new mindset in life and do bigger things.
  • How to deal with negative people in your life.
  • Getting out of survival mode.
  • Starting a new career at the tender age of 62.


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I have a Real Estate As Leverage course ($299) that comes with 6 CDs and a 150+ page workbook. These are all in digital form.

This course will…

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