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Clean Up Your Finances, Mindset & Debt With Our Financial Spring Cleaning Package!

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Loral offered a special deal on her #AskLoral webinar to all registrants –a Financial Spring Cleaning package designed to help get your finances, mindset and debt in order so you can get on track to wealth!

Here's what the package includes:

1) Financial Statement Template (Excel file) – clean up your Finances

Having a financial statement is key when working with financial experts and lenders. Download it, fill it out and get clarity on where you stand financially.

2) Loral's YES! Energy Roadmap (video) – clean up your Mindset

The YES! Energy Roadmap is an equation that focuses on eight different areas that create energy, momentum, and extreme optimism. In the Roadmap, Loral helps you break down each one of these areas and exactly how you can put together a daily plan to live the biggest life possible.

3) Debt Elimination Roadmap (PDF) – clean up your Debt

Discover the four (LOSING) strategies to debt reduction you should never use!

Losing Tactic #1 – Credit Card Calculus – Cardholders usually lose no time in running up their original credit cards to the same level of debt as before. Often they end up with even more debt than when they started!

Losing Tactic #2 – Home Equity Loans – Much like with credit card calculus, too many people don’t control their spending after they consolidate. Then they end up borrowing and incurring more credit card debt (and refinancing all over again!)

Losing Tactic #3 – Consolidating Debt – People often tend to acquire additional debt. Also, few of these programs are actually helping you – they are making a profit off you by negotiating with your creditors.

Losing Tactic #4 – Bankruptcy – If you deal with a credible company, the results can be wonderful. However, many such companies have developed in recent years that will take your money up front and provide no results.


We've aggregated these resources specifically so you can clean up your business and move strong into the rest of 2017.

Purchase digital access to this Spring Cleaning Finanacial package for just $17 TODAY.

  • You'll receive immediate online access to these files

    As soon as your purchase is processed, you will receive access to these materials via your membership site with us.

    They are aggregated onto one single page so you can continue to reference them as you move forward in your journey.

  • Personal Business Makeover With Our Strategic Team

    As a bonus, you’ll also receive a 1-on-1 Business Makeover with our strategic team!

    We’ll discuss your existing business, business idea, wealth accounts, potential investments and identify areas where you can grow. Our strategic experts are there specifically to serve you.

    We’ll give your business a “makeover” and help you approach it from a totally different perspective.

    After you make your purchase, you will be contacted by our strategic team for your Business Makeover.

Get Digital Access To The Financial Spring Cleaning Package »Just $199 $17

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