Aussies Know How to Make New Cash FAST

Aussies Know How to Make New Cash FAST

We are going to get a little friendly inter-country rivalry going on!  Just when we thought that Vegas had blown all future 3 Days to Cash money-making records out of the water, 3 Days to Cash Sydney CRUSHES that record.  And by crush, I’m not talking crunching down just a little. They pulverized it and set a NEW STANDARD for how much money can be made in one room in THREE SHORT DAYS. 

Total sales in the room were $110,539, with a new record also being set for the most money made by a single attendee… get this, $41,800!  IN THREE DAYS!   

Check out these stats.  There are lots of photos and comments on the Live Out Loud Facebook page at


So, if you haven’t been to a 3 Days to Cash yet?  Why NOT? 

  • Most Money Made: Declan Barnett ($41,880)
  • 2nd Most Money Made: Jerry Van Driel-vis ($12,580)
  • Most Sales Made: Lindi Chan (45)
  • 2nd Most Sales Made: Vanessa Harley (32)
  • Social Media Winner: Katrina Gale (64 likes)

TOTAL $ MADE IN ROOM: $110, 539.00


Now that I’m done bragging on the Aussies. I want to talk to you about your “Ah Ha Moment…” that moment when you realize what you need to do to generate fast cash.

What do you sell?

What service(s) do you provide?

What HIGH MARGIN business can you get into?

If you are in a business and 90% of your revenue is going to someone else, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG BUSINESS. 

How can you shift it?

How can you make more money?

How can you walk into a room of people and walk out with NEW MONEY? 

If you’ve been to 3 Days to Cash , you know this.  If you haven’t… well, listen to our community members who have been. Plug into our community and leave a comment below. I want to hear from you!

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