Be Ready to Take the Order

Be Ready to Take the Order

If you met someone and they wanted to do business with you RIGHT NOW, this very moment, would you be ready and able to take the order?  If you don’t have an order form with an ability to give a receipt your answer to that question is no. You need to have something on hand, within arms reach, so when you ask for the cash you can collect it too. Without that piece, without that order form and proof of purchase, there is no way someone you just met is going to feel comfortable giving you money – no matter how much you are asking for.

There are several items you need to have on you every time you leave the house:

1) Business cards – Lots of them.

2) A simple flyer that explains what you do.

3) An order form with a carbon copy so your new customer can get a receipt.

4) A calendar, so you can book appointments on the spot and collect the money for those appointments if that is your business model.

If you have those items with you, you know how to Ask Tell Ask and you know how to ask for the cash. You WILL make money. There are no two ways around it. So go. Load up your bag or your purse with your essentials and get out of your house! (There are no customers in your living room.)

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