Best Selling Author

Best Selling Author

Millionaire Maker BookTHE MILLIONAIRE MAKER: Act, Think and Make Money the Way the Wealthy Do (2006)

THE MILLIONAIRE MAKER was a bestseller on The Wall Street Journal Personal Finance list and the Business Week bestseller list. “Loral is the real deal…she actually makes millionaires,” says T. Harv Eker. “Master coach” Loral Langemeier shows how even those with financial woes and a limited income can create real, sustainable wealth and the freedom it buys.

THE MILLIONAIRE MAKER reveals Loral’s proven wealth-building system-her trademarked Wealth Cycle for generating and maintaining wealth-that thousands of ordinary people have already used to declare financial independence. A cross section of case studies explores a variety of implementations, and Loral guides readers through the basic principles of financial matters including entity structuring, depreciation, and direct investing.


Loral hit the nation’s top bestseller lists again with THE MILLIONAIRE MAKER’S GUIDE TO WEALTH CYCLE INVESTING, a #1 bestseller on the USA Today Business list and a #2 bestseller on The Wall Street Journal list. It also lands as a bestseller on The Wall Street Journal Business list (#5), The New York Times Business list (#4), and among the top 50 on the USA Today bestsellers list.

Loral demonstrates how to tap into the wealth-building power of direct asset allocation-a proven system of financial strategies that the smartest (and richest) investors have been using for years. A personal investment “toolkit,” WEALTH CYCLE INVESTING is packed with step-by-step instructions and worksheets to help individuals organize assets, make the most of whatever assets they have and generate new income, supercharge their portfolio, profit from nontraditional investments, build cash in a Wealth Account, scout out new opportunities, use real estate and private equity to accelerate wealth, and balance risks with even bigger rewards.


Loral’s title is a #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller and a #1 USA Today Money list bestseller; it also hits the bestseller lists of The New York Times and Business Week. Jim Cramer says, “You want to keep up with the Joneses, be my guest. You want to trounce the Joneses, don’t just read this book, act on it.” Loral Langemeier first introduced her exclusive Wealth Cycle system in her national bestseller The Millionaire Maker.

In THE MILLIONAIRE MAKER’S GUIDE TO CREATING A CASH MACHINE FOR LIFE, she reveals how to earn more money by building a viable business. Whether you want to partner with others or create your own team to start, fix, or buy a business, Langemeier illustrates how to turn it into a Cash Machine that makes money from Day One. The book delivers a step-by-step action plan for starting up a Cash Machine, helping readers get up to speed on marketing, sales, operations, finance, and management to keep a business operating effectively. Loral also shares instructive and inspiring real-life examples of successful Cash Machines and explains how to use profits to fuel the Wealth Cycle.

PutMoreCashInYourPocketPUT MORE CASH IN YOUR POCKET (October 2009)

You don’t have fixed potential, why accept a fixed income?

By following Loral’s simple and straightforward approach, you’ll put more cash—$1000 or more a month—in your pocket in no time.

Loral has helped thousands of people make extra cash fast. People from all different backgrounds, in a variety of situations, all over the world. People just like you.

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