Big Table 55 – Life Changing

Big Table 55 – Life Changing

We just got back from the Big Table in Lake Tahoe. It seemed like returning back to school after a winter break.  I was eager to see everyone again and get an update on what everyone had done in the past 120 days. Many people accomplished a lot and were taking the necessary steps. The energy in the room was exciting and it increased every time Loral was in the room.

There were many subjects covered including tax and entities, importance of due diligence, and revenue modeling.  There were a variety of speakers.

We challenged our selves by volunteering to do a presentation of our real estate investment opportunities in front of the whole group.  We only had a few hours to prepare and a small group to help us.   It felt like being on the show Apprentice.

We got a lot of feedback from the audience and especially from Loral Trump.  We took a licking and kept on ticking.   At least we did not hear “you’re fired”.  It was a great experience for learning and leading.

So what was so life changing?  Realizing that we all have the power to change our lives and the lives of others.  I was touched by the response and feedback given by others.  I know that I put limitations on myself and sometimes let fear overcome me. This is something I constantly work on as only I can change it. “No Limits” is the name of our group and I will incorporate that in my life. I will persist until I succeed and help others along the way.  Listening to “Expression of Your Power” by Loral is a great help.

What do you do to empower yourself?  What kind of mental conditioning do you find helpful?  How are you helping others?

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