Mobile Retailing Technology Goes App(le)

Mobile Retailing Technology Goes App(le)

Mobile Retailing TechnologyWhat is mobile retailing technology?

Basically it’s a handheld “register.”

This is a breakthrough in many ways. Years ago we were looking at “point of sale” technologies to use on the fly, but having one created was an extremely expensive proposition. Today, it’s becoming more and more commonplace and the usefulness of this mobile retailing technology is expanding to include brick and mortar stores.

What’s the point?

Retailing is undergoing a fundamental change (like everything else). The adoption of new technologies has become a critical piece in building relevance with today’s tech-savvy and hyper-connected consumers.

Lowe’s, Home Depot, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, PacSun, and Hallmark stores (to name a few) are jumping on the growing bandwagon of mobile retailing technology. And it’s Apple’s iPad, iPod Touch and iPhones that are replacing cash registers at retail stores across the globe more than any other product.

One such provider of this mobile retailing technology is Oracle Retail Point-of-Service.  Their service offers the next-generation functionality that allows retailers to increase store efficiency, enhance customer loyalty and expand into international markets.

Another service, Global Bay Mobile Technologies is integrating the iPad into the retail environment with three main goals: 1. enhancing in-store customer experience, 2. capturing potential lost sales and 3. creating upsell opportunities – each, as a result, increasing profits.

Sandeep Bhanote, Global Bay CEO said, “The iPad is changing the way retailers interact with their customer  and we are thrilled to help retailers like PacSun use iPads to change the game on the sales floor. Ultimately, using the iPad to increase multi-channel sales and units per transactions makes the retailer successful.”

Global Bay Mobile Technologies reports that their mobile retailing app generates tangible ROI by driving store traffic, increasing units per transaction (UPTs) and improving in-store consumer experience.

Their application uses include:

  • Point of Sale extends your current point of sale system to mobile devices. Boost sales and increase revenue by accelerating checkout and eliminating line abandonment while improving the overall buying experience with personalized customer service.
  • Inventory Management extends existing inventory system functionality to mobile devices. This powerful capability will enable retailers to better manage routine inventory management tasks from the shop floor.
  • The Clienteling module provides a single, centralized solution for retailers to manage all aspects of customer relations. Store associates can assist their customers on a more personalized level by recording their preferences and buying habits.

A number of companies, including Google, Square and Verifone, are also trying to break into this lucrative arena of mobile retailing technologies. Competition is a good thing. With it, prices decrease and services improve. Bring it on!

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