Every channel and all hours of the night, there are reality shows of every kind. There are shows for singers, dancers, models, cooks, business people, bad celebrities, drama queens, crazies from jersey, etc. There are shows that help you lose weight, clean up your life and home, build relationship, find your dream mate and so many others.

Just when you think there can’t be another reality show, another one is added.
The most recent reality show is with Tony Robbins. He is a known giant both in size and of motivation and self improvement. I just saw an episode with a couple who
appeared to have the typical nuclear family life which is a nice home, 3 kids, supportive family. Maybe there was a white picket fence and a dog too.

Economic changes and bad decisions changed it all. He got laid off from his job after 23 years, invested all their savings + retirement money in a losing franchise and she was a full time mother and housewife. They had poor credit, was in huge debt, in possible foreclosure and they had no income and no plans. All they had was blame and anger.

Their problem was common and bigger than just a financial one. Their relationship and marriage was on the line. They had to do something. Lessons was provided by Tony Robbins.

Lesson 1 : Change Your Environment
Lesson 2: Confront your real issues
Lesson 3: Expand your limits
Lesson 4: Change your Perspective
Lesson 5: Own the lesson
Lesson 6: Design a compelling future
Lesson 7: Own your break through
They did 3G’s in a jet. Facing more intense stress makes you stronger. They had to survive on skid row for several days. It made them rely on each other more and work together which improved their relationship. They both got a job, one with huge future potential thanks to Tony Robbins.

Like most reality shows, there is usually a happy solution within a relatively short period of time. Lessons are learned and changes are made. A job is great for getting back on your feet and for producing some income. It is also important to work on your fortune by having your own cash machine. Learn from your mistakes and start again smarter.
Even if the solution seems simple, it is important to learn the lessons and apply it to yourself. When faced with what may seem like insurmountable odds, change and do something different. Don’t let fear get in the way. It is said that FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.

There are solutions to almost every problem. Get out of the comfort zone, face your fears and do it anyway. Losing your job, facing foreclosure, getting your credit cards cancelled, and having a poor credit report are relatively insignificant when you appreciate and emphasize all the great things.

I see people who are dealing with cancer, strokes, paralysis and other disabling conditions that whatever problem I have is really not bad. I know I am strong and healthy, and smart enough to know to ask others for help.

Take the necessary steps to get closer toward your goals. Even after being knocked down several times, get up and keep moving forward. Every step you take and everything you do moves you closer to where you are going. Persist until you succeed.

Make sure to celebrate your successes even the small ones. You will become a stronger person with every step.

Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

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