Build & Control Your Wealth

Passively parking your assets somewhere and then praying they’re going to grow without your leadership is not the path to serious wealth! Here’s what is…


Get Off Your Lazy Assets!

Congratulations! If you’re here it means you’ve managed to put cash away and build an asset base. Now the question is …

What are you doing with those assets so that you’re actively leading, controlling and building wealth?

  • Are you sitting on a big fat IRA that’s bringing you 4 or 5% return?

  • Are you tolerating real estate that’s not performing?

  • Are you channelling all your extra funds into a savings accounts, CDs or other low-return, hyper-secure instruments?

If you’re sitting on lazy assets – passively parking them somewhere, then praying they’re going to grow without your leadership – you’ll never get what you want.

You’re not really in control – and you’re settling for a lot less than you need to!

Alternatives to “Lazy Asset” Investing

Alternative Investments are the way to get rich.

And investing in them is 180º opposite of the “park-n-pray” strategy most people use.

Typically, this is a strategy that yields low returns with “lazy,” under-performing investments.

You Need the Playbook

Letting others manage your wealth without the know-how to lead them is risky business.

Like a quarterback in American football, you can’t run the plays that will protect and grow your wealth if you’ve never read the playbook!

So how do you lead and control your wealth? You learn from others who are already doing what it is you want to do.

At Live Out Loud We have the Resources, Know-How and Ready-Built Economy to Help YOU Lead, Control and Build Generational Wealth. We’ve got the Mentors and Multi-Million-Dollar Wealth-Builders Who are Doing What it is You Want to Do… and We’ve Been Doing it for 19 Years!

“By helping me to understand how to structure and prepare for wealth, I believe she was a direct cause and helped me produced the wealth in my life I created today.”


Here’s The Playbook…

I want to invite you to become a part of this wealth-building economy by grabbing your free copy of my Accelerate Your Assets guide.

Like a playbook, this guide will show you exactly what you need to do to begin leading, controlling and building your wealth.


In it, you’ll find an assets inventory checklist to help you identify exactly what you have and how it’s performing. This is foundational to your success, because you can’t make educated financial decisions until you know where you’re starting.

Accelerate Your Assets also includes guidelines for establishing your money rules; an explanation of what to consider when conducting Due Diligence; a way to determine your investment Risk Tolerance; and my rarely-exposed information on alternative investments as a critical component of wealth-leadership so you know how to determine what kind of team and investments are right for you.

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