Build, Grow and Secure Your Wealth

Build, Grow and Secure Your Wealth

Our vision and goals are clearer and more in focus.  Who we are and what we want our business to be is beginning to shine. Our strengths is building long term relationships, having strong teams and analyzing cash flow properties.

My whole career has been focused on helping others.  I just celebrated 20 years of service.  The company provided a service awards banquet so I got a free dinner.  All those years of service and I got the same recognition as someone who worked 5 years.  Kind of a disappointment though it was a great chicken dinner.

I work 2 days a week now at the hospital so it gives me time to focus on our real estate business.  I am fortunate to have other avenues of income and long term wealth.  Most people have to depend only on their job for money and have to rely on the government and company for retirement benefits.  Can we really rely on the government with its trillion dollar deficit?  Is your job really secure? My company is planning cuts and benefit reductions. Other companies have laid people off.

I know I can control my financial future. I can help myself and help others at the same time build long term wealth.  Life is full of abundance and opportunities.

Our Vision is to provide financial security and long term wealth
Our Mission is to build long term relationships, grow and secure wealth by providing higher returns investing safely in real estate.

Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

Investing in Your Future

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