How To Build a Multi-Million-Dollar “Relationship” Funnel

How To Build a Multi-Million-Dollar “Relationship” Funnel

Wait, what is a relationship funnel?

This may very well be a term you haven’t heard before. Typically, you work with your standard opt-in to a traditional funnel, promoting an intro offer or lead magnet, a tripwire or low-ticket offer, then your core product. But a relationship funnel works a bit differently.

A “Relationship” Funnel Focuses on the Customer Experience—Not the Actual Sale or Conversion

This ties into coaching, webinars, presentations and speaking engagements. You have to understand that somewhere out there is a person who actually needs your help or whatever it is you’re offering.

Your goal is to then find that person. And then another, and another, etc. This cuts the process of trying to “sell” someone on what you’re offering who isn’t the right fit and feeding them into your traditional funnel. In other words, simply identify the core problems your target audience is having, find those people, and then solve it for them.

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Solving Your Customer’s Biggest Problem Builds a Relationship for You, Your Brand, Your Product, Your Service, and the Buyer

Because, as we said, those prospects are out there. You don’t have to cast a wide net. You simply need to know exactly where the fish are.

You do this by creating customer profiles (and you can even do this even when you have no clientele to work with). In other words, find out on a granular level who your customer is.

What do they value? What will resonate with them? What will get them excited?

Knowing Your Customer Even Before You Pitch to Them Gives You an Advantage

You can then skip the “traditional” funnel strategy and go for the gold—your main offer. It may sound intimidating, but know this…you’re out for the big conversion immediately. You believe in what you have to offer. Why not just offer it right away?

Additionally, this allows you to down-sell the potentials who don’t bite on the big one. The biggest plus to focusing on the “relationship” funnel versus the opposite is that you’ll hit your numbers faster. Even those prospects who buy the main offer can then be upsold on premium offers, bundle offers or add-on offers, nurtured as a current customer/subscriber and further as a true business relationship.

Ultimately, That’s What These Customers Are—They’re Relationships

They’re not sales. They’re not numbers. And when you start seeing leads as budding relationships, you will see an enormous shift in your marketing and your success rate.

You will, however, need the right copy to draw in the perfect customer…because if your language or angle is off, you won’t get the right people into your funnel. So here’s the best possible advice: if you’re not a copywriter, hire one. And not just any copywriter—hire the very best, and focus on emotion, pain points, and results. Your words should excite people enough to want to hear what you have to offer. It’s that excitement that will have already sold them.

And that, ultimately, is what builds multi-million-dollar wealth. Not selling your product or service, but selling emotions…feelings. That is what people buy.

It’s as simple as this: define your perfect customer, what their problems are and what result they need, hone in on that target market, and start building relationships with them.


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