Building Your Wealth Cycles

Building Your Wealth Cycles

Wealth isn’t restricted to the privileged. It’s not! Sure, there are family legacies, but some of the most successful millionaires I know are first generation money. Their millionaire status wasn’t created by luck, it was born out of a deep desire to live differently, think differently, and make money differently. If an entrepreneur is willing to do those things, millionaire status isn’t too far away.

It is never too late to start building your wealth cycles. Start by doing what people with less money don’t do. Scrimping, saving, and squirreling away your nuts for winter doesn’t work. Wake up your lazy assets and putting your IRA, 401k, savings, to work for you. You can do that through a variety of means. I did it through real estate. I work with a number of experts who advise me on investment. These days, I’m doing quite well with property in Mexico and a tequila distillery. Write off business trips to Mexico? You bet I do! Investing in a downturn is different. You have to get more creative. You have to really dig and do your due diligence. Ladies, I’m especially talking to you. Investments aren’t the old boys club anymore and your financial literacy matters more now than ever. If you can’t read a prospectus, learn. You should be able to read numbers like they are a history book because, when you are investing, that’s exactly what those numbers are.

Today, my business is diverse.  It entails serving as many people as possible and helping them reach their entrepreneurial potential. As a coach and leading entrepreneurial speaker, I have helped create thousands of success stories around the world by doing one thing – giving entrepreneurs the simple tools they need to generate cash. After all, that’s what most people want. Don’t you?

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