The Sequence of Business Steps

The Sequence of Business Steps

Man_Falling_Down_StairsA lot of people are seeking “business steps” as if they were the holy grail of crafting the perfect plan. They want a “business step-by-step” guide or book or course. Okay, there are certain steps you need to take in sequence, but we’re not talking rocket science here.

Here are the most important business steps I can recommend:

  1. Stay focused
  2. Take Action

You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t take action. Everything will remain the same if you do nothing.

The reason so many people don’t take action is because they get stuck in analysis paralysis. One reason for this is indecision. Most people have lots of ideas for starting businesses. The obstacle comes in deciding which idea to go with. They can’t seem to narrow their focus to one niche marketMany times, the would-be entrepreneur moves from one idea to another, never taking action on any of them. They get stuck in the idea stage. There’s definitely more business steps to take but in reality the underlying cause for never taking them is often fear of failure.

The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. – Sven Goran Eriksson

It’s not enough to get an idea, research it, and plan it, which are good business steps, but it’s where a lot of people get stuck. You have to go from idea to implementation as fast as possible for a number of reasons, for example: viability.

The problem with this business step is when they start researching all of their ideas to find out if they are viable, they become more confused.  The information they accumulate becomes overwhelming. At the same time, they become frustrated that they still haven’t found the one magic bullet they’re seeking.

Does that make you wince?

Then you need to focus on one business idea at a time and take action as quickly as possible to discover its viability. If it is a viable idea, take more business steps and keep moving forward.

Ask yourself, “What do I need to accomplish today to further my (idea, business, success)?” Not tomorrow or next week or next month. Today! Not “What do I need to consider?” but “What do I have to DO?”

You’ll never reach the level of success you crave without taking the specific daily business steps that will get you there. Yes, it’s easy to lose your focus on today when all you’re thinking about is tomorrow. But you’ll never get anywhere that way.

To build a successful business, you need a specific and clear vision. Break that vision into small business steps and then lay them out as daily tasks and stay focused on them.

Each of your business steps lead to another – there’s a sequence — and if you don’t let obstacles get in your way, you’re bound to bring your vision to life.

Quiet those negative voices in your head that make you feel like it will never happen. Believe in yourself. And it that’s hard for you to do, fake it until you make it. It works. Fear and self-doubt are a part of us but we can’t let it control us. Like I’m always saying, you CAN do this! Make it work. I believe in you, now believe in yourself!

Again, here’s my advice to your quest for “business steps”:

Stay focused and take action!

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