#AskLoral: Can Money Buy Happiness?

#AskLoral: Can Money Buy Happiness?

Question from Tania:

Loral, I’m always working. ALWAYS working. On my phone, on my laptop, on my iPad. It doesn’t stop. I don’t have a problem with it but my family and friends do. They’re always telling me how I shouldn’t work so hard because “money can’t buy happiness” and I’ll miss out on the finer things in life. I couldn’t disagree more. I’m extremely happy. & a lot of it results from my hard work. But they don’t seem to get it. So my question isn’t on the work aspect, but on if you think money is necessary for happiness. Can money buy happiness?

Answer from Loral:

Funny you bring this up Tania, since the theme at my Alumni 16 event this year is Health, Wealth & Happiness.

I totally agree with you on the working hard all the time deal. I’m “always working” in people’s eyes between travel, meetings, events, speaking, you name it. But it’s not really “work” since I love to do it.

So, onto the happiness.

Some of you will argue that two of things in the theme I mentioned — health and happiness — are necessary to leading an enjoyable life and making the most out of your time on this earth.

While the other thing — wealth — is fleeting. Unnecessary. Trivial.

But, I’d argue that wealth is one of the biggest vehicles to reaching health and happiness.

bigstock-Conceptual-of-Entrepreneurial--31708307In fact, money does make you happier:

• You never have to worry about how to pay for something.
• You always feel secure about your finances.
• If your car breaks down, you can fix it or buy a new one.
• If you need to pay for an expensive home repair such as a new roof you will be able to do so.
• Being laid off from your job will not be a reason to worry if you have money.
• Money makes you happier by relieving your financial worries.

And in consequently leads to a healthier life. Money gives you access to medicines, doctors and health care. It also gives you the ability to provide these things for your loved ones — you’ll agree that there’s no better feeling in the world than this.

So, it’s like a math problem: In life, we want health and happiness. So what variable is keeping us from this? Pretty much all of the likely answers can be tied back to money.

Have I hammered this home enough?

Those who say wealth isn’t everything are right. But those who say wealth doesn’t matter are wrong. They need to change their mindset.

Change your outlook on money and it’ll change you and your family’s outlook on life for generations to come.

It starts now!

Good luck, Tania!

To Your Success, Loral Langemeier

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