Changing the Conversation

Changing the Conversation

Money MindsetIt’s a new year and with the turning of the calendar comes a spark of newness and hope that brings most people to make resolutions. The problem with resolutions is that most of them end up broken before February. Think about last year, how long was it until you let those resolutions slip? Ultimately, the world tells us that it’s all right to break resolutions.  Its a counterproductive term because it already comes with a mindset that says its all right to fail.  “There’s always next year.”  Your dreams, visions and success can’t wait until next year!  You need to change the conversation, and your mindset, to assure that you achieve everything (and more) you set out to do. What you need to do is to set results!

Here are a few ways you can change the conversation this year:

Your Actions – If you have read my bestselling book “The Millionaire Maker,” you will understand how taking actions as if your result is already achieved can enable that result.  Go to the bank in person and meet the President.  Surround yourself with successful, positive, people. Every action you take leads you closer and closer to the results you desire.

Self-Talk – Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. It’s true! Positive self-talk will build you up from the inside out and give you a life-affirming way to make your results a reality.  Try starting out every morning by turning on your favorite music. Tell yourself how energized you feel (VERY) and set actions for the day. Then head out there and make the magic you know you are capable of creating!

The Way You Speak to Others – The Yes! Energy equation begins with changing the conversation. This means you need to project yourself as successful to be successful. It’s in the way you take care of yourself. It’s in your elevator pitch and the way you tell people what you do. It’s in how you network. 

In the coming days, I’ll be blogging more about changing the conversation – how to do it, examples of successful people in the world who are doing it and how it will lead to success in 2012 for you!

  • Sandra
    Posted at 11:15h, 04 January Reply

    agreed, the great tendency is to give up lofty new year goals, but by making steady progress with smaller, achievable goals – that is the building blocks to success. Who doesn’t like to get that sense of satisfaction in crossing something off the list to make way for the next item?

  • Stephen Marshall
    Posted at 15:18h, 04 January Reply

    I have found myself having better and better self talk, also I have analysed my speaking with others after we have had chats, I am saying the right things, I come across as a very knowledgable person who really does know what he is talking about. I think it shows to myself slowly but surely that I have the capacity to be all that I think and feel I can be. 2012 is the year that I have the breakthrough now and start to put all the knowledge gained over the last year into practice and start fulfilling this immense talent that has laid dormant for far too long.

  • Segrettaw
    Posted at 18:17h, 05 January Reply

    Changing the conversation in all aspects of communication is key. I am hearing “where I am” in conversation, and it is heightening my awareness in all aspects of my “life transactions”!

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