Check In with the Seftons!

Check In with the Seftons!

It’s a busy week coming up for all of us at Live Out Loud!  I’d like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to follow along with our participants throughout their process.  Everyone involved has taken a big step by not only buying in to the coaching process, but sharing it openly with the world.  Thanks to all who have posted their comments and questions on the individual blogs!

This week, you have an opportunity to get further inside the coaching process than ever before.  Travel over to Heidi Sefton’s blog, where you’ll find a recorded coaching session with the family and LOL Coach, Jim Conaway.  Many of you are familiar with their story from the Dr. Phil show and I think you’ll be quite surprised with how far they’ve come since appearing on the show.  You’ll see many more of these sessions posted very soon with all of the different participants.

I look forward to updating you next week on new recordings and shows debuting on!  I also am excited to meet all of you who will be attending our exciting Blitz event coming up in Costa Mesa!

Stay tuned!

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