Claim Your Financial Independence!

Claim Your Financial Independence!

Are you still tied to your full-time job? Many entrepreneurs are. However, there are steps you can take RIGHT NOW to put yourself on the road to your Freedom Day. Here are some tips on how you can make the jump from employed to self-employed – possibly a little bit quicker than you imagine.

Tip #1: Educate Yourself – Before you make the jump, make sure you know how to run a business, capture leads, develop a sales funnel, work your list, and have your infrastructure set up to run like the wind once you are gone.  You may have to limit your client base while you are employed full-time, but that doesn’t mean business stops. Keep your entrepreneurial mindset by educating yourself as much as you possibly can.

Tip #2: Activate Your Education – Now that you know HOW to do it, DO it! Even if you are doing it on a smaller scale, you are getting the practice you need for when you do make the shift to being a full-time entrepreneur.

Tip #3: Work It! – Here comes the fun part, fulfilling while staying employed. Get a separate number and receive calls on that. Work your business and check your voice mails during your lunch hour and after work. Set meetings for after work. Spend your weekends fulfilling or educating yourself. Building up while you are dedicated 40 hours a week to a company will be a challenge – but it’s one that will pay off!

Tip #4: Plan Your Freedom Day – How much do you need to make a month, a week, a day in order to make a clean break? How much of a pad do you need to have in place to help you start up? Plan your Freedom Day. Set those numbers and then circle a day on the calendar. Then DO IT.

Tip #5: Stay Motivated – Circling that Freedom Day on your calendar is just a small part of getting your mindset right about working for yourself. Surround yourself by other entrepreneurs and people who support what you are doing. There will be people who tell you to relax, slow down, take a breath. Tell those people you are working toward a greater goal and keep pushing. This is YOUR dream. Chase it like you WANT it! (Because YOU DO!)

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