Coaching With Loral – Preview

Coaching With Loral – Preview

Loral does a business makeover for Lisa Marrone in this coaching session. Lisa has a mobile oil change business and her challenge is operating in a small community. Loral suggests getting contact info in combination with coupon offers to market other services like auto detailing attached to the oils change service. Loral coaches Lisa to get names and phone numbers in addition to email addresses as phone follow ups are more effective than emails to close sales. Creating face book ads and signing up in her community as a woman owned business are now added to Lisa’s business strategy plan.

Live Sessions with Loral – July 12, 2011

Live coaching sessions with Loral take place on the main page of the website. When the session is about to begin, you will notice a video player and chat room on the front page.

This is a replay of a previous coaching session with loral.

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Coaching with Loralchatlog-071211

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