Cold calling vs. Inbound marketing

Cold calling vs. Inbound marketing

The Internet has brought with it too many advantages to count, especially if you’re a business.

Thanks to the digital age, you can now reach all kinds of customers all over the world. However, this doesn’t mean every company in the world is excited about giving up the standard ways they’ve become accustomed to using to accomplish things. If, like so many, you’ve had a tough time letting go of cold calling tactics, here are some reasons to finally move on to inbound marketing.

For one thing, inbound marketing simply costs less. Studies have shown that in order to get the exact same result, you only have to spend 60% as much on inbound marketing as you do on cold calling. In this economy, that should be enough to get you thinking about making the switch.

Internet Marketing DiagramAnother huge benefit is that it allows your salespeople to do what they’re best at: selling.

Whether this means over the phone or in some digital way, the result is still the same – namely, more sales. The problem with cold calling is you’re taking shots in the dark. Even the world’s best salespeople will come up empty handed the majority of the time when they’re essentially dialing random numbers and hoping for a warm reception.

One of the reasons inbound marketing makes life easier on your sales people is because customers do so much of the heavy lifting for them. Inbound marketing makes it possible for customers to research the products or services beforehand and get acquainted with them well before they ever speak with a salesperson. When they do, that time can be spent answering individual questions or otherwise putting the finishing touches on a successful sale.

Perhaps best of all, inbound marketing is working while you’re fast asleep and your salespeople are away. As it’s a predominantly digital option, you can rest assured that potential customers can access it at any hour, when it’s most convenient for them. So there’s never any real downtime where your marketing is concerned.

Lastly, inbound marketing doesn’t give your company a bad name. It’s not intrusive and annoying like most cold calls are. Considering how many calls an employee could make in a given day, it would be pretty easy for just one bad apple to give your company a worse reputation. Multiply this by however many cold callers you’ve hired, then over the course of a year and your choice should be a simple one. Inbound marketing doesn’t have a bad stigma attached to it for good reason.

So if you’ve been resistant to leaving cold calling in the past, hopefully this will be enough to convince you. Inbound marketing is by far a superior option, no matter how you look at it.

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