Commited to Suffering …….. or Not!

Commited to Suffering …….. or Not!

Just came back from the Cash Machine workshop in Irvine this past weekend.  It was about a year ago that we attended the event.

The room was smaller and the participants at the event appeared more somber.  They were in definite need of CPR.  Loral and her team had a lot of work to do to revive the dead.  Maybe it is the economy and all the changes.  It was a challenge to get everyone excited and jump in to promote their cash machine and ask for the money.

The question of whether the participants were committed to suffering was brought up.  People wanted and needed a change yet had difficulty taking the necessary steps.  Even raising their hands and saying yes seemed to be difficult. Loral was able to turn things around and get everyone involved in the market place making money.

When I attended the event, I remember also being scared, confused and lost.  The room I was in however was a more positive and energetic room. Everyone was fired up.  Having the positive energy and support of the other participants helped me.

It was so different attending the event this time as a volunteer.  Listening to Loral speak, I was better able to absorb the information the 2nd time around.  The product funnel and the revenue model are more ingrained in my mind as well as the importance of a team and modeling after a successful person / business.  R&D = replicate and duplicate.

We were able to network with the other staff and volunteers.  We were able to help the participants with their cash machine and making money in the market place.  Being able to help others is such a great feeling.

It is amazing how much we have learned and grown since participating in our first cash machine workshop and in the Big Table.  I have become smarter and stronger and now have a clearer direction.

I plan to volunteer at the next Cash Machine Workshop in San Diego. Who else will be joining us?

When you want to make a change in your life and put more cash in your pocket then you need to take action.  Join the Live Out Loud Community, Sign up for the Cash Machine workshop, sign up for the Big Table….. just do something.
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