Confidence, Certainty and Criticism

Confidence, Certainty and Criticism

Not everyone is going to love you 100% of the time.  It’s just an unavoidable fact of life. People who are unhappy with themselves and spend time judging and criticizing do so because they themselves are uncertain and grasping for some semblance of control. This negative waste of time contaminates energy and slows you down – that is, unless you live with confidence and certainty.  When you are confident and certain of yourself, nothing can stop you. All of the negativity, gossip, criticism and judgments aren’t awkward. You know you are great. You know you make good happen in the world.  Kid, that’s all you need!

When you live big, it means ignoring those who choose to belittle and embracing the compliments that come your way. Confidence and certainty does NOT equal arrogance – although people who thrive on putting you down might say it does. When you lead your life with confidence and certainty, you are your own CEO.  You are the CEO of your own life! When you manage your life with confidence and certainty, the right energy and attitudes come in from every angle.  Success attracts success.  It really is that simple.

What are you attracting? Are you letting criticism get under your skin? If so, DON’T! Accept, appreciate and own any compliments you receive.  Take any criticism as it comes and if its just petty, nasty gossip – toss it aside.  You don’t need it!

Get out there and grab the success you deserve!

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