Creating Wealth? Or a JOB?

Creating Wealth? Or a JOB?

Open Mind Creative WealthSkiing, moto-cross and being active brings me clarity. When I’m having fun, investing in myself and my own well-being, some of my best ideas pour out. Yesterday, as I was enjoying my run in the fresh powder, I was thinking about you – entrepreneurs – brimming with passion, willing to work hard and doing everything you can to make and keep your commitments and generate wealth. Then I thought, wait… how many entrepreneurs are out there, burning the candle at both ends, creating JOBS for themselves instead of wealth? Are you? I hope not!

What’s the difference?


  • Income that comes easily and freely, with or without your personal involvement
  • Money that works for you instead of sitting stagnant in some bank account
  • Investments that create ongoing, easy, cash flow
  • Working the tax system and making yourself an entity so you can capitalize on every opportunity to deduct
  • Has a team that does the work: spends time providing ideas, inspiration, motivation and infusing Yes! Energy throughout the organization


  • Income that only comes when you press hard for it, consumption of your valuable time for less overall return
  • Money that sits around waiting to be spent
  • Limited investments or investments that put your money in “wait and see” mode
  • 1040-EZ, no money management team and missed tax break opportunities
  • Does EVERYTHING. No team or a limited team that isn’t utilized to their fullest – has to oversee EVERYTHING. (Another big waste of time…)

So what do you want in life? Wealth?  Or a Job? Some entrepreneurs have a habit of creating a job for themselves without knowing it. Are you? If you are making a job for yourself STOP. Seriously, now, do it… it’s good for you.  You deserve wealth. You do!




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