Creating Your Dream Team

Creating Your Dream Team

TeamworkI’m not afraid to brag, I am killing it right now on Fantasy Football.  I have a 10 game winning streak. The only reason I haven’t won 11 in a row is because it was my first time playing Fantasy Football and I didn’t understand how to build my team. What’s more, I had no idea what a game-winning team looked like.  So, after I messed up that first time, I asked myself an important question.  What qualities am I looking for in my winning team? 

The first thing I realized is that I needed to load up my roster.  I needed every role. No one person could fulfill every role.  Even if the quarterback is capable of blocking, receiving and kicking, the game would be a disaster if he tried. If the team was well balanced, with well-performing players, I would be much more likely to win.

While neither life, nor business, is a numbers game, none of us will make it through very successfully without a good team.  Here at Live Out Loud, we have one of the best teams around.  So I decided to ask them: What’s the best part about having a team? When you are building a team, what qualities do you look for? As expected, the responses came from across the team from people with a variety of skill sets.  We hope insights from Loral’s dream team will help you create yours.

Trustworthiness.  You need to know you can trust your team to perform under any and all circumstances to accomplish the Team goals without constant supervision.

Energy.  There’s nothing worse than entering a room and feeling no energy.  Team members can feed off each other’s energy to achieve common goals.

Accord.  A good team should live in harmony and synchronization and work like a well-oiled machine.

Motivation to learn.  As goals are accomplished and higher goals are set, the ability to come up with new ideas and learn new skills or sharpen existing skills is crucial.”

– Maureen McLean, Accounting Support

“There isn’t a particular personality type that I look for when selecting a new team member, but finding somebody that has a complimentary personality to the existing team members is something on which I definitely focus. It’s great to have an outgoing, type A personality on the team…but a team full of those people won’t always work well together. Finding the right balance between outgoing, reflective, creative and logical team members will result in the best overall teamwork and success. Knowing how your current team members think and work together should absolutely dictate who you select as a new team member. Making the right hire can make a hugely positive impact, just as making the wrong hire can be disastrous.”

 – Jeff Richmond, Marin Branch Manager

 “I’d compare a team to a jewel. There are many facets that are separate but connected and make the jewel sparkle, strong and precious. We shine in out own right, when allowed to develop our skills and perform in the best light. I know that might sound corny, but this is the image that came to mind. When you are a part of a good team you know it. Keeping the team strong requires effort in honing the process, supplying all facets with what they need to flourish and fostering good relations. Humor and understanding is critical in a often hectic environment and having a good team allows for support, growth and all the work to get done in a timely manner.”

– Sandra McFadin, Fast Cash Coaching Coordinator

“The best part of having a team is multiplying your efforts and effectiveness.  When I am building a team, I look for integrity, work tempo, ability to make sound and ethical decisions, creativity, resourceful input, ability to add strength and cohesiveness to the team environment.”

– Damon Stokes, LBT Coordinator

 “What I have learned from Loral is the best part of having a team is having your team mates hold you accountable, people you can call and rely on when you need them. I look for team members who have the same values in life am myself, team members who are experts in their field.”

– Tracy Blay, Customer Service/Events

 What qualities do you look for in your dream team?  Tell us!  To learn more about building the team of your dreams, check out Yes Energy: The Power to Do Less, Make More.


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