Dancing with The Stars

Dancing with The Stars

You are the average of the 5 people you associate with so surround yourself with successful people and expand your realm of possibility. We attended a PrePaid Legal Convention and was able to meet several 6 figure income earners and millionaires. We got to socialize and dance with the stars of PrePaid Legal.

The high income earners were able to share their pearls of wisdom and discuss their road to success. It was very inspirational. It is so easy to fall back and not do anything. It is easy to sit back and avoid the hard stuff, to resist change, to not grow.

I find if I don’t surround myself with positive successful people, I tend to revert back to my old habits. Most of my old friends have a full time job and have a different language and perspective on life. I talk about working on my job not in a job. I talk about marketing ideas and networking. I talk about business strategies. They don’t seem to grasp the idea of getting residual or passive income and working hard towards it. They complain they work so hard and have no time. Why work so hard and spend so much time in a job when the same time and effort in your own business will benefit you vs some other company.

I find myself struggling at times between working more hours in a job vs working on the business. Money from the job is consistent and predictable though finite. I can only earn so much an hour. The income from the business is irregular though has unlimited potential. Bills need to be paid so do I work more hours at the job and less with the business? I need to find that balance for a better, more profitable future.

I will have to work part time at my job and full time building my fortune. I need to work smarter and leverage my time.

Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

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