Discover and Unleash Your Energy

Discover and Unleash Your Energy

YES! Energy Power “I’m not an energetic person.” I kid you not, that’s what a friend said to me the other day – one of the most positive, calmly energetic, people I know. She defined energy as being outgoing, always going, always “on.” “You are the energetic one, Loral,” she said. “You are always going somewhere, doing something, making a difference.” “So are you,” I said. This, of course, prompted some push back and some explanation on my part. You see, energy isn’t all about bouncing off the walls or being able to command the attention of a room as soon as you walk in.  There are different types of energy, which I explain in my book, people have and can use to create success.

Here are just a few:

Leading, Directed, Open Energy: This is the type of energy my friend has. She is calm and focused, accomodating beyond measure.  When she believes in something, she has total conviction. There are few things more inspiring than that. She latches her energy onto a goal and works to accomplish a goal. She is one of the most successful mothers I know.

Intuitive Energy: This is me through and through. I live one integrated, intuitive, life. There are people who can compartmentalize their emotions. I can’t do that. I can do it with my work day, but I can’t do it with my heart. I emote. That’s who I am and my energy comes from the constant flow of emotion that is mixed with my other gifts and energies. Don’t be ashamed if you emote. It’s who you are. Embrace it!

Present, Engaged, Energy: The gift of awareness and patience is a valuable one to have. Multi-tasking is essential in this day and age, but a person who is totally present and engaged is in the moment. This quiet, contained, energy is full of intense focus.  It’s a gift that can be cultivated if you surround yourself with other people who are present and engaged. It’s a wonderful gift to have. So if you have it, celebrate it!

There are more energy types and you can discover them all when you read my new book next month.  Accept one thing today, though… that you ARE full of energy.  It may be a different kind of energy than I have, but its no less capable of making you successful in life. If there’s a type of energy you want to have, go out and find people who have it! Then, go out and use that energy to create greatness!

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