Do Your Kids Think About Their Financial Futures?

Do Your Kids Think About Their Financial Futures?


Get Your Kids to Think about Their Financial Future

How prepared are your children for their financial future? Do you believe that it’s too early to teach your children about the importance of money and saving for financial security? Honestly, it’s not too early in most cases.

Kids are smart, imaginative and have a surprising amount of interesting business ideas. Teaching children the value of hard work and entrepreneurship, as well as how to build future so that they do not have to worry about money is an invaluable lesson that will stick with them.

When you look at the school curriculums today, they are severely lacking in the area of money and finance. It’s sad really.

Schools do not have programs to teach youngsters financial literacy. Kids do not learn how to save money, how to open or use a checking account, or even about the dangers that a credit card can bring. They certainly do not learn anything about making money or about starting a business. High school graduates, in many cases are illiterate when it comes to finances, and that could well be the reason that so many people struggle as they enter adulthood.

Good role models in the home can help, but parents have to do more than just be role models.

Take an active role in teaching your children more about money and financial safety. It’s just as important as teaching a child to read and write. You really do have to get your kids to think about their financial future. Even 7 isn’t too young to start a business! That’s just the kind of things that we teach the youngsters with our Kid’s Financial Literacy Program.

At the recent Big Table Alumni 15 Event in Napa, CA at the Silverado Resort, we also held the Kid’s Financial Literacy Program for children, and it was a huge success. The younger crowd was enthusiastic, energetic, and they were able to catch on to the concepts of sales and entrepreneurship faster than some adults are! These kids are going to go a long way. We were able to meet and teach some impressive youths that are true entrepreneurs, building businesses in a number of different areas.

Some of the business ideas that we saw kids putting into place were very impressive. We saw some budding authors who were selling their books. With the e-book revolution, this is a great idea. Another girl was selling puppies, while others were making jewelry and custom notebooks. Most importantly, the kids at the program learned how to handle their money better and how to save. From what we’ve seen, these kids are going to go far, and so can yours.


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