Failure leads to Success

Failure leads to Success

There are so many opportunities it is a matter of not only finding it but also having the tenacity to keep pursuing it.  That means having a “never give up attitude.”  It can be tough sometimes as there are many obstacles to overcome and many disappointments. I hear so many “No”  it is like hearing over and over again,  the words of a 2 year old

Failure is a part of becoming successful.  Abraham Lincoln failed in business twice and was defeated in 8 elections.  Walt Disney was fired because of lack of imagination.

The greatest lessons and growth occur when you overcome mistakes and learn from it.
Work on the mind on a daily basis to get through the tuff and challenging times.  Don’t let anything or anyone keep you down.  There are solutions to problems.  Ask for help. Talk to people.  Ask yourself  “how can I.”   There is always someone smarter our there that can help in some way.

Network with various people or groups.  We joined the Live Out Loud community and Loral’s Big Table.  We are on the social network sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube.  Go to to link multitude of sites.  Go to to link a multitude of video sites.  Get yourself out there. Take action and do something.  It does not have to be perfect and it is okay if you make mistakes.  The worse thing you can do is to do nothing.

We joined Toastmasters and various Mastermind Groups.  There is strength in numbers and minds.   It is a great way to meet people and market your business while helping others too. I don’t always know where this will lead or how it will turn out.  I just keep moving my feet and take action.

Things take time and so does success.  Tell your self , “I will persist till I succeed”

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