7 Proven Steps to Take You From Where You Are to 7-Figures … and Beyond!


How to use what you already know to make new money while learning the key wealth strategies Loral Langemeier & other real millionaires use to create wealth predictably and repeatedly.

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Business Owner
Business Owner

Find out about the best business structure for bookkeeping and tax practices with help from a money expert, sought-after speaker, and best-selling author Loral Langemeier.

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Business Owners


Loral Langemeier is a world famous business and wealth expert and trainer. She travels the globe teaching top business executives, entrepreneurs, and companies her wealth and business strategies.

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If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Leading money making expert and business coach Loral Langemeier will help you earn more and be ready for the slow times, and retirement.

Two-thirds of millionaires are self-employed

Self-Employed Individuals

High-Income Individual

Loral Langemeier will teach you how to build a cash machine and save for your future and retirement. Join with like-minded people to help you achieve your goals.

Make more with what you earn

High-Income Individuals

As seen on CNBC’s The Millionaire Inside, 5 time NY Times best-selling author and public speaker Loral Langemeier is visiting Vancouver BC on September 7 and 8 as part of The Financial Freedom Tour! In 90-minute training sessions Loral will reveal a proven 7-Step Plan to accelerate your income and increase your overall wealth, and will be available for questions and to tell her story.

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  • Discover the 7 proven steps to true Financial Freedom
  • Learn to avoid the #1 mistake when it comes to building wealth
  • Find out the essential pieces in achieving your wealth goals
  • Gain a comprehensive grasp on your current financial position to map the way to your Financial Freedom Day.
  • Learn how to utilize the tax code to keep more money.
  • Discover how to accelerate your wealth building with alternative investments.

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120-day plan

120-Day Plan To Quit Your Job

this 120-day plan teaches you how to methodically analyze your skill set, determine areas of need in your prospective customer base, identify possible industries for you to enter, and leave your W-2 job in 120 days of less with a more than sustainable income at the end.

The millionaire reodmap

Loral’s Millionaire Roadmap

A dynamic 7-part video series specifically designed to get you into action and making money quickly! This is 70-minutes of video you can use TODAY to make more money, get more customers, and develop a winning mindset that will help you overtake your competition.

Action strategy session

Action Strategy Session

When you speak to your strategist at this complimentary 30-minute session, they’re going to ask you what path you want to go on. Then, they’ll devote the remainder of your strategy session to the pathway you’ve chosen as a way to help you.


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