7 Proven Steps to Take You From Where You Are to 7-Figures … and Beyond!

  • How to think differently about money to make and keep more about it
  • Fastest ways to get more money – sell something!
  • Getting honest and realistic with your time – how to focus it to improve your finances
  • Motivation for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to start a business on the side – Loral’s rags to riches story
  • How to automate making money – how some people can make in an hour what others make in a year

As seen on CNBC’s The Millionaire Inside, 5 time NY Times best-selling author and public speaker Loral Langemeier is visiting Vancouver BC on September 7 and 8 as part of The Financial Freedom Tour! Loral will reveal her proven 7-Step Plan to accelerate income and increase overall wealth, and will be available for questions and to tell her story.

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120-day plan

120-Day Plan To Quit Your Job

this 120-day plan teaches you how to methodically analyze your skill set, determine areas of need in your prospective customer base, identify possible industries for you to enter, and leave your W-2 job in 120 days of less with a more than sustainable income at the end.

The millionaire reodmap

Loral’s Millionaire Roadmap

A dynamic 7-part video series specifically designed to get you into action and making money quickly! This is 70-minutes of video you can use TODAY to make more money, get more customers, and develop a winning mindset that will help you overtake your competition.

Action strategy session

Action Strategy Session

When you speak to your strategist at this complimentary 30-minute session, they’re going to ask you what path you want to go on. Then, they’ll devote the remainder of your strategy session to the pathway you’ve chosen as a way to help you.


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