Financial Peace Is Not An Oxymoron

Financial Peace Is Not An Oxymoron

Man watching tv Listen folks, we have to start getting serious about the conversations we have with ourselves about money. I speak to thousands and thousands of people about this all the time. A survey recently conducted by Yahoo Finance and Decipher Inc. found that the vast majority of Americans are suffering from high anxiety about the economy and personal financial issues ranging from job insecurity to soaring food and energy prices to consumer debt.

I heard some of the insights presented by the media about how to overcome this anxiety and to think and talk about money more clearly. But all I heard was a ton of statistics that would, quite frankly, scare the pants off anyone.

We hear a lot about folks who have to “rob Peter to pay Paul”. We question whether or not the Government is actually bailing out the homeowners or the lenders. There’s even a new term for the Boomers… ‘The Sandwich Generation,’ which means not only are some Americans paying for the costs of their children but also their grandchildren and parents. The media is beating the drum of recessionism.

If this is what you’re constantly hearing on the news, what’s the conversation like that you’re having with yourself? Your mind is not for rent to the media and your own negative thoughts, is it?

Today, start paying attention to how to talk to yourself and to your family about money. Need more money? Create more!

Yes… it’s important to keep abreast of economic developments and how they affect you – personally and as a nation. However remember to keep a clear, positive and realistic conversation with yourself regarding money.

You are an entrepreneur. You must think and act like one. People that have financial peace are those that set specific goals with an attainable timeline. Wealth building is as natural as eating, breathing, and sleeping. You have to remain focused on a clear and concise vision of your financial independence day.

Your wealth building future is dependent on your personal conversation with money. It’s time to put a stop to your immediate negative reactions when it comes to money. When a negative thought creeps in shout it out. Those thoughts just don’t live in the mind of a wealth builder. It’s all about creating, changing the way you talk with money and letting your time and money work for you not the other way around.

It’s your money. It’s your future. It’s your conversation. What are you going to say?

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