Finding Nemo – Coaching Call #3

Finding Nemo – Coaching Call #3

We need to play a bigger game and focus on OPM.  This is what we were told by Loral at the last Big Table meeting. Wish I could read her mind or at least understand all the things she says.  I think her mind functions at a higher level and speed than the average person.

So we told our coach Rusty about it and now we are focusing on OPM.  This means focusing on private lending to fund our real estate deals.  Now is the time to buy with prices being so low and we have so many real estate deals.

What steps do we need to take?
1. Set up a new company and website to address only the investor and investment opportunities
2. Provide consistent, uniform and detailed information
3. Prepare flyers, brochures, investor packet
4. Generate interest and leads
speak weekly to groups
do webinars
provide education
send out emails and contact everyone in data base

We joined Toastmasters to improve our speaking skills.  Well that can be scary.
We also joined the Chamber of Commerce for business networking.

We are growing exponentially and continue to persist. I have a higher calling that is beyond my own needs.  Maybe that is what keeps me going.  Like the movie “Finding Nemo,” we just “ keep swimming, and just  keep swimming”.

Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

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