Free Think & Grow Rich For Women book excerpt

Free Think & Grow Rich For Women book excerpt

My good friend Sharon Lechter is releasing a new book, “Think and Grow Rich for Women” later this year…I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it! You can get more info on the book here:

For those who have read the American classic “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill…this is the sequel to that – for women. Yes, us women! I’m so excited to get my copy when it’s published later this year…

Sharon sent me a quick excerpt that she wanted me to give to you…you can read it below.

Chapter: Burning Desire

Sharon Lechter has once again teamed up with the Napoleon Hill Foundation on a new book titled Think and Grow Rich for Women.  In the book, Sharon addresses each of Napoleon Hill’s 13 success principles from a female perspective and she shares the following wisdom on BURNING DESIRE:

You may be asking yourself, “Do I have a burning desire?” Different than a simple want for something, a burning desire may feel like a need to do something or accomplish something.  It starts out as an idea or realization and grows to become a driving force behind your everyday actions.  It is guided by your personal values and infiltrates your decision-making processes.  In your dreams, expectations or yourself and your life, as well as your passions, you will most likely find your BURNING DESIRE!

You may instantly be reminded of a goal you have had for a while.  It could be a personal, business, financial, physical, or spiritual goal.  If you have not yet to achieve the goal, ask yourself why.  Is it possible that this goal has NOT been backed with the burning desire you need to reach it successfully?

Now, turn the tables.  Think of a time when someone has described you with the following terms:  Passionate. Driven. Purposeful. Focused. Committed. Determined. Motivated. Single-minded. Compelled Doggedly in pursuit.  Devoted. Consumed with obsession. Pledged. Steadfast. Unswerving. Staunch. Dedicated. Headstrong.

More than likely, you were in pursuit of something for which you had a true burning desire.

When you combine a definite goal with a burning desire to achieve that goal, it will provide you with the necessary fuel (motivation, drive, stamina) to create and execute a plan that will allow you to realize that goal successfully.

To learn the 6 steps to turn BURNING DESIRE into wealth, visit and pre-order Think and Grow Rich for Women.  With your pre-order, you receive Sharon’s free bonuses- tools you can begin to use today to create the life you deserve!

Chapter: Decision

The following excerpt is a sneak peak of Think and Grow Rich for Women, by Sharon Lechter.  In the book, Sharon shares wisdom on DECISION- one of Napoleon Hill’s original success principles.

Have you ever procrastinated? Put something off until some point in the future? Waited until the last minute to do something, then squeezed it in just before the deadline?

Do you ever justify delaying a project, saying to yourself that you work well under pressure, so it will all work out?

Hill defines PROCRASTINATION as the opposite of DECISION and as the common enemy that we all must face in our quest for success.

His study of success people, who had accumulated fortunes, showed that “every one of them had the habit of REACHING DECISIONS PROMTLY, and of changing these decisions SLOWLY if and when they were changed.” Conversely, “People who fail to accumulate money, without exception have the habit of reaching decisions, IF AT ALL, very slowly, and of changing these decisions quickly and often.

When you combine your DEFINITE PURPOSE with your BURNING DESIRE, you can more easily reach decisions promptly and are much less likely to procrastinate.  If, however, you are easily influenced by the opinions of others, it will impact your ability to reach a decision.

For tips on implementing DECISION and eliminating the habit of PROCRASTINATION in your life, visit to pre-order your book!  With your pre-order, you receive Sharon’s free bonuses- tools you can begin to use today to create the life you deserve!

Chapter: Persistence

The following excerpt from Think and Grow Rich for Women  shares wisdom on PERSISTENCE- one of Napoleon Hill’s original success principles and is a sneak peak of Sharon Lechter’s new book!

There you are, so close to your goal or feeling the fire within to start something new- and a wall rises in front of you.  How will you scale and overcome the wall?

You get unexpected news.  Life changes immediately and you cannot begin to imagine how it will turn out.  How do you make in through the uncertainty?

You have been working so long.  You feed your passion with action and have faith that your determination to continue will one day be rewarded.  How do you trek on down what seems like an endless road?

If you have ever found the light at the end of the tunnel, have ever faced down fear and been the victor, or have ever answered doubt and criticism with achievement, you already have the answer inside you.  PERSISTENCE is the key to successfully batting obstacles back that life catapults in your way.  This is the weapon that causes enemies such as fear, doubt, and negativity to crumble.

Hill observed in his study and synthesis of the philosophy of achievement: “Will power and desire, when properly combined, make it an irresistible pair.”

For steps to train yourself to employ PERSISTENCE, pre-order Think and Grow Rich for Women today at With your pre-order, you receive Sharon’s free bonuses- tools you can begin to use today to create the life you deserve!

Chapter- Autosuggestion

The following is a sneak peak of Sharon Lechter’s new book with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Think and Grow Rich for Women. 

Most of us have somehow engaged in the use of self-talk, not realizing the role it has in our mind-set as well as our subconscious.  Just as these moments of constructive (or sometimes destructive) self feedback can magnify feelings of accomplishment or inadequacy, AUTOSUGGESTION can directly influence our level of success and, more important, our belief it its possibility.

The term AUTOSUGGESTION often brings reactions from people that clearly demonstrate it is a misunderstood term.  Many people immediately think it is New Age or relates to hypnotists performing on stage.  Others believe it is somehow anti-Christian or non-religious.  Let’s set the record straight.

According to the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, AUTOSUGGESTION is, “an influencing of one’s own attitudes, behavior or physical condition by mental processes other than conscious thought.” This type of self-hypnosis had its first known use in 1980, well before the New Age movement.

We each have the ability to consciously change our circumstances by intentionally concentrating on positive actions and thoughts, which in turn influences our subconscious mind to follow suit. This happens by focusing on achieving positive outcomes in our life, both what we WANT to receive, as well as what we are willing to give in exchange for receiving it.

For methods on utilizing AUTOSUGGETION in your life pre-order Think and Grow Rich for Women today at With your pre-order, you receive Sharon’s free bonuses- tools you can begin to use today to create the life you deserve!

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