Get on the Talk-Track!

Get on the Talk-Track!

Do you know what to say when people ask you, “what do you do?”

If that question gets your little palms all sweaty and your heartbeat up, then you need to write, memorize, and use a talk-track.

What is a talk-track?

A talk-track is well-thought-out language that confidently and concisely proclaims who you are and what you do for your money-making venture. Some people call this the “elevator-pitch.” It’s that ten seconds you get to explain who you are and what your business venture is.

Why a talk-track?

  • Avoids run-on and confused sentences (when that adrenaline goes up, it happens!)
  • It prompts potential customers to inquire about your business.
  • Makes it easier for you to find customers, either directly or through referrals.
  • Gives others something they can repeat easily – so THEY can find you business too!

You can learn how to develop your talk-track on page 150 of my book “Put More Cash in Your Pocket” or I can help you with it personally at a 3 Days to Cash Workshop. Regardless of how you develop a way of talking about yourself, do it. Use it. Repeat it until it becomes second nature. 

It WILL put more cash in your pocket!

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