Get Paid Daily

Get Paid Daily

We are at the Director level now with PrePaid Legal Services. This is the highest permanent position within the company. We have been making money every month and March so far has been the most profitable. We made it to the “comma club” The company developed a new category called the “comma club” for those who make over a thousand per month, hence the name.

It is such a BIG relief and a great feeling to have more money flowing in. This type of residual income is so much better than earned income from a W2 job. In a job you have a defined hourly rate or salary. Your income through PrePaid Legal is unlimited. You can make money with your efforts as well as those of others. This is even better than passive income through real estate investments. Having rental properties and investing can be time intensive and financially draining.

We have a team with PrePaid Legal Services that is growing on many levels. We all help others get paid and promoted. I love being able to help people. PrePaid Legal provides a valuable service that everyone can use. It is also one of the only companies where you can have a legitimate business for such a small fee. The company is over 37 years old and publicly traded on the NYSE so it is well established. This is a company that truly offers time and money freedom when you follow the system.

Our next goal is to get to ED (Executive Director) level.
Check out to find out more about the service and the business opportunity.

Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

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