Get Rich by getting more No’s

Get Rich by getting more No’s

The most used word in the majority of 2 year olds is the word “NO”. It is said so automatically and sometimes just because it is fun to say. As adults, we still hear and say “NO’ or more politely “No Thank You”. I wonder how many no’s have been said in a lifetime

When at the store and asked if you need help, we say No Thank You
Would you sign this petition? No  Would you like to taste this strange smelling food? No Thank You

Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies? Despite those great chocolate mint cookies, we still say “No Thank You”

Or more emphatic “HELL NO” when approached in the early morning hours by some religious goups

Why does “NO” come more easily than “YES”. Are we just reverting back to the 2 year old? Is it the easy way out to get out of a situation? Is it a more polite way of saying “don’t bother me? Or is it a way to postpone a decision that maybe you might regret later on? Or maybe it is a way to block changes and possibly opportunities?

Whatever the reason, don’t let it discourage you. Just get more “NO’s.
Why do you want to get more No’s ?
1. It will eventually lead to “YES”
2. You will get more practice in asking and talking to people
3. Better questions will be asked to get to more “YES”
4. You will not be hurt or discouraged hearing the word “No”
5. Less pressure to get to “YES”
6. It will result in more sales.
7. No will mean “not now”
8. More opportunities to get to know you better

A great part of the cash machine workshop is the market place when everyone gets to ask for the sale of their product or service. The goal is to get at least 10 No’s that way the pressure is off.

Sales is an integral part of any business. No sales, no income. So when you hear “NO” celebrate and get more “no’s’. It will make you stronger, help you become a better communicator, and make you wealthy.

Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

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