Get Rich Financially, Personally and Spiritually

Get Rich Financially, Personally and Spiritually

Lucky wealthy friends excitedI have a lot of conversations when I am on the road – a lot – and one of the biggest ones is how stunningly wrong the traditional talk track is about “saving money.” Let me set the record straight. If you are saving your pennies, skimping on your dreams, living small and cheating yourself out of success, then you need a new path.  Live Out Loud is as much about the way you think about things (mindset) as much as it is about how you do them (tactics).

The reason most people fail on their budgets, much like diets, is that the focus is on restriction.  Let’s not kid ourselves, what you receive is what you think about the most.  It’s not just The Secret, it’s a fact.  Not only is restriction and saving giving you 30 years of a life you DON’T want, it’s also not allowing you to move at the speed of innovation and opportunity.  It doesn’t honor your gifts or talents. 

The conflict of these messages is exhausting.  No wonder so many people have a lack of energy, let alone Yes! Energy.  You can’t get rich financially, personally or spiritually if your reality is restrictive.  This same philosophy applies to all of you who are primarily focused on debt, or even worse, those of you who have mixed messages around how debt can actually be a huge asset to building wealth.

Also, your naysayers are out there constantly sharing their message of risk.  But, as many of you heard during our Yes! Energy Celebration last week, our primary source of fear is NOT of failure.  Most of us are truly afraid of wild success. 

I can’t blame you.  After all, you’re bombarded with hours of messages about how you shouldn’t even have your morning coffee. 

Avoiding this constant trap of exhaustion is all about protecting your energy, particularly the source that allows you to say Yes! to your gifts.  When your answer is “Yes!” there is no limit to possibility, which is just as intimidating as it is empowering.  But successful people tune that voice out and focus on results. 

I spent years establishing an unmatched reputation as the “tactical queen,” and I will never back down from getting you huge results in all areas of your life.  But all the tactics in the world don’t matter when your answer is “no.”  I have spent years guaranteeing consistent daily cash, as well as cash at hundreds of events across the world.  I’m that confident – not in myself – but in YOU.  And guess what, you have created cash in every single Three Days to Cash room because YOUR answer was “Yes!”

I smile to myself every time someone tells me I’m selling too hard because they have no idea of the power of these rooms.  I’m not in there selling my products or services, YOU are.  I can’t be in every single community in the world, but YOU are spreading the message to your friends and family.  This is about YOUR passion, YOUR commitment and YOUR dedication. 

These aren’t promises, they’re guarantees.  And you owe it to yourself to start guaranteeing that your answer will move from “no” to “Yes!”

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