Getting Exactly What You Want

Getting Exactly What You Want

There is something that is just so good about getting exactly what you want.  The process in getting what you want is something Loral talks about all the time. It’s more than setting your intention. It’s about taking action and enjoying the rewards of success.

It’s mapped out something like this.

I want _____________________________. (Fill in the blank)

Here is what I will do to get what I want. ________________________                    ______________________                    

_______________________ (Fill in actions here)

I want it by _________________________. (Set a deadline)

Now, just follow your plan. What you want can be as simple as losing a few pounds or as complex as living in a million dollar home.  In any case, you can’t just sit back, hope, and dream. You have to take specific, intentional, action to get exactly what you want.

And, when you do get it, that day will be SO sweet!

What do you want? What will you do to get it? When do you want it by? Comment below!


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