GPS for Life

GPS for Life

What did we ever do without the GPS Navigator. There were maps of various sizes and maps for every section of the city. Street by street directions had to be given by others to reach your final destination. Sometimes you got lost and took the wrong exit or turned on the wrong street. Sometimes you had to turn around and go in circles. Sometimes you got so lost, you had to stop and ask for directions several times.

The street names on the maps were too small and it was difficult to determine while driving, east from west, north from south. It always took longer to get to your destination. Then it was hard to fold those maps in the same way in was bought.

The GPS navigator made everything easier. Street by street instructions are now given. If a mistake is made, it will correct itself and provide you with the right direction. No matter how many wrong turns you make, you will always arrive at the right destination.

It would be great if life were that simple and easy. All you would need to do is set a goal and it would be achieved. Step by step instructions would be given so you would always be successful. How can this GPS navigator be applied to real life?

Having a coach, modeling after someone successful and following a system are all ways to help you navigate toward a successful end. This will minimize the mistakes and accelerate the learning curve. There is no way to totally eliminate errors. We all learn more from our mistakes than our success. It is best however to keep those mistakes small

We have all three. Our mentor is successful and coaching us on a weekly basis. Our success is related to our mentor’s success so this help is provided at no cost. There also is a proven system. All the tools are available so we don’t have to develop our own. Ongoing training is provided for personal development and in marketing and sales. Our income is directly related to our efforts and our ability to help and lead others. Many have achieved 6 figure incomes and are available for training.

Being an associate of PrePaid Legal is the most effective way to develop skills at a low cost. The company has been in business for over 35 years. Other companies were more expensive and have come and gone but PrePaid Legal is here to stay.

Our goal is to have a six- figure income that is leveraged and residual. The money will be automatically deposited into our accounts and it will be derived from our efforts and the efforts of those on our team. We will also be helping people on our team achieve their goal with the company. We will set our GPS navigator of life to success.

Never stop learning and growing. Persist till you succeed.

Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

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