Grab On To Your Dream

Grab On To Your Dream

Loral speaks often about Big, Hairy, Audacious, Dreams. But what are they? How do you know when you are dreaming as big as you dare? I have a simple litmus test. If people’s eyes bulge a little when I tell them about it or if they tell me I’m a little (or a lot) crazy, I know I have a Loral-sized dream.

I’m always a little baffled by people who are afraid to dream. Now dating, the first question I ask a potential date is this. “What is your dream?” If there is no dream, he’s done. If his dream is something small, I might dig a little. What I’m looking for though, and what I live for, is grabbing on to those big dreams and running as fast as you can to achieve them. My current boyfriend wants his own restaurant and has set himself on a path to get there. Good start.

Never let go…

Loral is pretty up front by saying that circumstances and life will sometimes try to jump in front of your dreams. The key is, once you have grabbed onto your dream, is to NEVER let go! Depending on what life throws at you, you could develop a mighty grip! Yet if you grab onto your dreams, hold on tight, keep on pushing toward them and make shifts in your life to optimize your success, you WILL get there.  It’s not a matter of IF or SOMEDAY – it’s a matter of circle a date on the calendar and go for it. It’s yours!

What’s your Big, Hairy, Audacious, Dream? How BIG do you dare go and how committed are you to achieving your every dream? Tell me!  Then, take Loral up on her offer to help you achieve them.  As Loral would say, you deserve it! You do!

  • Debbie Ortega
    Posted at 11:59h, 07 June Reply

    It can be uncomfortable to Dream so big. My Big dream is to be the light that touches all living source. I have the gift to heal as I work with different modalities to touch the spirits that (need) encouragement, guidence, and a result. The legend of being known, in my community the power behind aligning mind, body and spirit to live a enlighten life and be able to heal oneself.
    I am grateful for all that this team puts forth. Humbly I have been known in my sports community USFHA a powerful, dangerous offensive player that had to be watched. Thanks for reminding me. I just have to map it across and follow your coaching.

    • Jacob
      Posted at 10:51h, 08 June Reply

      Debbie, my coaching hat is on so I will just add to get it more specific so that it is really clear to you exactly what you could possibly do to get there! I know you have what it takes and that you are a game changer for many!

  • Jacob
    Posted at 10:49h, 08 June Reply

    My working BHAD is having 200,000 people following me through my online products and trainings that empower them step by step in growing their online business and shifting their mind set so that their they can Live life bigger than they ever imagined.
    Then having a select group of 10 people work with me coaching them through the processes so they can then go out and create thriving businesses that empower others to be better and do more in allowing themselves or guiding others to their greatness!

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