Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Every child as they age experiences some type of growing pains. An infant learns to crawl then stand and walk but not before stumbling and falling many times. A child has to go to school to practice and repeat the same exercises before learning to read and write. Teens have to deal with changes in their body and voices. Young adults need to adjust to adult hood and being on their own.

Change is inevitable not only physically but emotional and psychologically. The change that transforms us from infancy to adult hood is like the changes you need to go through to transition from having a job to owning your own business.

There are many challenges and obstacles along the way that may cause you to stumble and fall. Short sales, foreclosures, vacancies, and high repair costs are some of the growing pains in real estate that this economy has caused. Restless nights, stress and worry along with unhealthy eating habits are all negative effects of growth and change.

The key is to over come those obstacles. One can do nothing and be defeated or one can set a goal, make a plan and take massive action. All those who are successful, had failures.

One way to deal with obstacles and failures is to have a positive mental attitude. Focus on where you want to be not the situation you have presently. Some of the decisions will have to be based more on business vs emotion. Make daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and 5 and 10 year goals. Be accountable and do it. Every step you take will get you closer to where you want to be. Persist until you succeed even if it may not seem like anything is happening or changing at first. These things have helped me with my own growing pains in business

How do you overcome obstacles and failures?

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