Happy New Year- What a difference a year makes

Happy New Year- What a difference a year makes

Our mind is a powerful device and it can be an ally or our enemy. We are bombarded daily with negative news and many times negative people.

No matter how negative our environment is, out mind can do more harm. It can always conjure up something more negative and horrible. If you let it continue it will eat you alive. Lack of sleep, loss of weight, anger, depression, fear, sickness are all symptoms. These negative feelings results in paralysis, bad relationships and bad decisions.

Dealing with declining income, rising expenses due to evictions, vacancies, repairs, adjustable loans, high taxes and insurance due to the economic nuclear bomb all contribute to fear. What do you do? Who do you turn to for advice? Is there anyone else in the same situation? You feel so alone and desperate. Your mind plays tricks on you making you think there is no one and no solutions.

They say action and activity reduces fear and that FEAR is false evidence appearing real. There is always someone out there to help and provide advice. There are always solutions to problems. There are always ways to change the negative to positive, the bad to good.

It first starts with you. In order for things to change you must change. Change the way you think. Surround yourself with positive people, listen to uplifting and happy things and have mostly positive thoughts. Make this a daily ritual and then make it a habit.

I can’t explain it but the negative will slowly change to positive. As time passes there will be more positive and more good than bad. When you are more positive your attitude changes and you will attract more positive people and situations. Life turns around for the better. It takes a strong belief and faith. It takes perseverance + persistence.

Seek out people and ask for help. Take the necessary action to get out of the negative situation. Don’t let fear stop you. You have to do things that are sometimes out of your comfort zone. There are going to be mistakes made but you will learn from it so don’t be so hard on yourself.

I thought my world was coming to an end. My expenses was devouring my income. I felt like such a loser and ashamed to be in this situation. I was afraid of what others would think and that I had no solutions. It was my fault for being in this mess. I thought I  was doing the right thing to build wealth.  I used my savings and took out a line of credit on my home to invest in real estate out of state. Thought this was a good leverage of my money considering the stock market and interest rates were declining. The economy changed and I was not prepared to handle all the expenses related to the real estate market.

When I did get some good advice, I did not want to hear it and did not fully understand it. I guess I was not ready to listen.

I had to step back and not be so emotional. Fear clouded my judgement and ability to make the right decisions. I had to protect myself, family and business. Hard decisions and choices had to be made. Massive action needed to take place.

I needed to take a hard look at everything and decide what was the most important and decide what to keep and what to let go. Salvage what you can and move on. Some of the properties had to go as it was not feasible to let it devour us like those flesh eating diseases. Get rid of the bad, keep the good. Rebuild and redefine your life. Set new goals. Run like you have never run before in your life. Your life is at stake. Help others and at the same time help yourself.

I understand now that FEAR is “false evidence appearing real”. I have resources. I am smart and I will be successful. Dealing with loss, having to go through short sales and foreclosures and cancelled and reduced credit has not stopped me from creating more income. I see light at the end of the tunnel now whereas there was only darkness.

I am grateful and happy every day for what I have and what I plan to have in my life.

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