Have Some Pre-Holiday Fun… Right Now!

Have Some Pre-Holiday Fun… Right Now!

Thanksgiving TurkeysIt’s the day before Thanksgiving. If you aren’t traveling to see family, you are stuck at your job dreaming of your freedom day.  So why not do a little visualization of your freedom day by making a Yes! Energy Hand Turkey? If you are laughing right now, and have a pen and paper in hand, you are on your way to having a little fun.

Step One: Draw a hand turkey. Left hand, right hand, it doesn’t matter. 

Step Two: Starting with the thumb, write the concepts that the Yes! Energy Equation represents on your turkey. 

Thumb/The Head: Change the Conversation

Index Finger: Faith, Certainty, Confidence, Dreams

Middle: Gifts

Ring: Team

Pinkie: Sequencing

On the body of the turkey, the palm, write Extreme Optimism and Energy.

Step Three: Decorate and display!

Now, sit back and look at your work of art. Decorate it if you want.  If you like, go a little further with it and put some of your dreams, talents, team members anything that inspires you around the turkey. Yes! Energy is the formula to have the life of your dreams, but you have to do more than visualize.  You need to act on it.  Start now with 5 Days to Yes! Energy.  Its fun and it might just change your life.

And remember… November is Thanksgiving Grab Bag month! So if you haven’t ordered your copy of Yes! Energy or need to order copies for your office, friends or family, now is the time to do it.  This grab bag is literally overflowing with bonuses!

Get it now!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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