How Many Affiliates Do You Have?

How Many Affiliates Do You Have?

Affiliate Army

Really. I mean it.

Answer out loud. How many affiliates do you have who are sending you business on a regular basis? If you don’t have at least several, you are leaving money on the table. It’s one of the reasons I have a full-time affiliate manager to handle affiliate relationships, motivate them, and get them the tools they need to plug into the Live Out Loud cash machine.

By allowing affiliates to plug into your cash machine, you give them something to sell that they don’t have to fulfill. Affiliates deliver results because they are motivated to do it.   By making it easy and understanding how to incentivize them, most commonly by affiliate commissions or bonuses, you get new business that you didn’t personally have to go out and get.

This month, I am offering Internet Marketing 101 (a $5,000 value) to any affiliate who sends 10 people to the Millionaire Makeover Tour. It gets better. That affiliate is tagged to that new client for life. So commissions are earned with that person buys a ticket to 3 Days to Cash, decides to attend Loral’s Big Table, takes any Live Out Loud program or buys any product. The income is entirely passive.

So, are you going to plug into the Live Out Loud cash machine? You can by applying right here.

You can model your affiliate program after mine, once you are part of it. It’s important to give your affiliates the right tools to market your business, make sure they understand your talk track, and (most importantly) buy into what you are doing so they can enthusiastically talk about it.

Ready to make some money?

Let’s go!

  • sidhartha singhania
    Posted at 17:59h, 19 August Reply

    Hello mam,
    I read one book of urs named “THE SECRET”. It change my life up to a great extent. Please once also visit INDIA. I want to take your 3 day class to become a millionaire.

    Thank you

    Sidhartha Singhania

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