How to Ask for the Cash!

How to Ask for the Cash!

Successful Cash MachineEveryone has the ability to do something today that will earn extra money. People ask me all the time, “what can I do?” To tell the truth it’s different for each of us. What we need to be doing is asking ourselves what am I doing already that can make my household some extra cash.

For you moms out there who are already schlepping the neighborhood kids around to school and other activities it’s time to ask for the cash!

For those of you who have a hobby, for example quilting, don’t just give away those quilts. Put an ad up on Craig’s List and sell them.

Ask for the cash!

I know of a gal who, each morning, goes around to several business complexes and takes orders for specialty coffees. She then goes to the nearest coffeehouse or stand and rattles off her orders and delivers them to busy office workers for a small fee. Turns out the coffee shop owners were so happy for her business they started giving her a discount on her orders. Why? Because she asked them to. She is asking for the cash! She is now getting her extra money to invest in another Cash Machine.

On that same note, a retired school teacher decided she would start earning gift money for her grandchildren by delivering morning goodies to office workers in her area. She goes every other day to a wholesale store (like Sam’s Club) purchases flats of muffins and other breakfast items at a huge discount and goes around with a cute basket and sells muffins, granola bars, and other morning munchies to hungry people stuck in offices who forgot completely about breakfast. On the days she has other obligations she is missed by her patrons. They can’t wait to give her the cash. Why?

Because she asked for it!

Another example is an older couple I know of that pet sits for friends that are on vacation or away for business. They used to do it as a “favor” but realized their time, effort and extra love for animals can earn them money. It got to be so successful they now include house sitting and plant care. They decided to stop being shy and ask for the cash. Guess what…

they got it.

For those of you who are intimidated to ask for the cash, you need to be thinking what would your prospect do if they didn’t have you as a friend. The answer is that they would either have to take time away from their income earning to do it themselves or pay someone to do it. Why shouldn’t it be you?

Look, all of us want to do nice things for friends and neighbors. That’s great, however your time and effort is worth something — add in the extra trust you have because of your affiliation and you’ve got a mini cash machine. It’s really that simple.

You don’t have to do something extraordinary to make extra money. While you’re out there getting a little here and there be thinking about how to best invest your extra income in a bigger or different Cash Machine that will earn you even more.

It’s not complicated folks. Remember not to over think things. Keep it simple at first. The ideas will come.

Let’s start this conversation today. Post an entry on this blog of things you are doing that could earn you extra money. We can get the creative juices flowing for all of us!



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