Hunting Down Your Target Market

Hunting Down Your Target Market

Hunting down your target market is a little bit like hunting down a really good restaurant. I came to this realization as I was enjoying the beginning of a beautiful Tahoe summer, drinking some wine on a patio with friends. When you want to find a good place to eat, very few people just get in the car and start driving. Usually what you do is you RESEARCH. You narrow it down.

  • What type of food are you in the mood for?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • When would you like to go? (Are they open?)

You can narrow and hunt down your target market asking yourself similar questions.

  • What type of customer do you want to attract?
  • What is your entry-point for these customers? How much do they need to spend to enter your funnel?
  • When and where do you attract these customers? What marketing tactics do you use?

Marketing to everyone is just like getting in your car, driving, and HOPING you will find a restaurant which offers delicious food, at the right price, that is open. You are shooting in the dark.

When you strategically hunt down your target market, you will hit your customer with your communications every time. Sure, you might get lucky just driving around. But do you really want to trust your marketing budget to LUCK?

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