I apologize.

I apologize.

     I was asked and agreed to keep an account of my progress with Loral’s program.  Working to overcome different obstacles and achieving certain successes I realize I am doing us all a disservice by not keeping my end of the bargain.

     My goal is to achieve financial independence.  I realize that none of my dreams will come to be without proper planning and execution of that plan.  This opportunity to organize my thoughts and putting them down on paper will help me do that.  These written words will hold me accountable.

     I am cheating those that might read this.  Those that might be in a similar situation and might gain comfort in knowing that there are others out there that are working towards a better life and that it can be done using Loral’s strategies.

     After meeting Loral and attending a number of her events I return home with a sense of a much larger world.  I want to thank her for all that she is doing for those of us that are trying so hard to create a bigger and better life for ourselves and our families.  Her ability to create a life of abundance around herself is an absolute inspiration.

    I feel I was letting all of us down.  I am recommitting myself to “living out loud”.


Aron Wilder

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