Ignite Your Own Olympic Fire!

Ignite Your Own Olympic Fire!

Olympic Gold Medals During the Olympics we often hear of athletes overcoming insurmountable odds to compete in the biggest sports event on the planet. These stories pluck the heartstrings of people in every walk of life. Inspiration seems to fill the air!

It got me thinking how many of us struggle with foreboding thoughts. You know the ones… “What in the heck are you doing?” or “Do you really think you’re going to pull this off?” or even “No one can become a millionaire in 3 to 5 years — especially you!”

Those thoughts can come from inside us, or outside. Are you dwelling on this kind of thinking? If so, your Millionaire Mindset filter is clogged with negativity.

Look, it can happen to the best of us. Everyone has a bad day. It’s your responsibility to banish that kind of thinking, overcome challenges and keep on going!

What do you think would happen if the planet’s finest athletes were to succumb to that kind of thinking. Sheila Taormina didn’t. Against all odds she became the first woman to complete in three separate Olympic events over her athletic career. Ms. Taormina, 39 years old, competes this year along side her teammate – who’s just 16 – for the USA Pentathlon Team, an extreme physically demanding sport of shooting, fencing, swimming, equestrian show jumping and running.

Just three years ago Ms. Taormina had never mounted a horse or shot a gun. BUT she was determined. Her family and friends first thought that she was just joking around, until she sold it all to move to Colorado to be closer the Olympic Training Facility. Her family pleaded with her, telling her she was crazy. After all, she should be proud of her accomplishments thus far. Sheila was even turned away by some of her loyal sponsors, which was a complete blow to her goal of being the first woman to compete in three separate Olympic events.

What do you think Sheila did? Do you think this is the kind of woman that listens to inside or outside negativity? No way! She blew us all away and at 39 years old risked it all to become the best she could be. WAY TO GO SHEILA!

Even after nearly losing her home in foreclosure and battling serious anxiety she held on to her dream. She dared to dream big… and guess what? She did it.

She dared to inspire herself and in turn inspired her nation!

She risked it all to prove to herself and everyone else that she is a star! And she is!

She did not give up.

She did not settle.

She has the mindset that we all need to have.

Take a lesson from the playbook of one of America’s hardest working athletes!

Listen folks, Ms. Taormina in three short years learned TWO sports she had never even tried. She never had an interest in guns but she learned all she could and now has more than qualified as an expert in her sport. Her first time on horseback ended her bucked off and flat on her back. True story. In this case her horse wasn’t proverbial, she got back up on that horse and kept at it. She represents the USA and competes against the best on the planet.

If Sheila Taormina can learn, practice, and become an expert in horseback riding and shooting in 3 short years you can learn what it takes to make your cash machine work in less!

We all have things to overcome. Life is a learning process. That is why earners are learners! Learn to Blitz Your Wealth!

Your goal of becoming a Millionaire is real. You can do it. It has been done. The odds may seem like they are against you. People might think you’re crazy, heck you might even think you are crazy. Just remember you have to filter out that negativity and reach for the GOLD. It’s there for the taking. You are a champion!

Ready GO!

Good luck Sheila Taormina you truly know how to Live Out Loud!

To Your Wealth and Happiness,


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