Improve Communication with Your Significant Other

Improve Communication with Your Significant Other

Proper sequencing is the key to success in any endeavor – even relationships.  Have you ever felt like you just weren’t connecting with your significant other? It could be because your communication is out of sequence.  Here are some tips you can put to use tonight to improve communication with your significant other by using proper sequencing.

1) The Honey-Do List: If there are six chores on the honey-do list, help your honey’s motivation by putting a reward at the end of the list.  Make item #7 a nice dinner out, a movie or a back rub.  By placing a reward into the chore sequence, you help move the process along but you also don’t bombard your significant other with chores with no sign of appreciation.

2) Give and Take: Relationships are about give and take.  He wants to go on a camping trip with his buddies. You want a spa day. Instead of not letting him go and causing upset or letting him go and stewing, suggest you take the same weekend and go with your girlfriends to a spa.

3) Sipping Information: Instead of swallowing information all at once in one big conversation, serve information to your significant other in manageable sips – particularly if the information has the potential for conflict.  By presenting, resolving and presenting, you assure things get addressed one by one instead of deadlocking the conversation by dumping everything at once. This sequence of learning keeps the conversation well-directed and results-driven.

Keeping sequencing in mind in everything you do, including relationships, allows you to fill your life with positive Yes! Energy.

Give it a shot!

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